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Training programmable robotic manipulator

Dobot Magician

Compact programmable robotic manipulator for educational institutions and small production sites with wide functions pool and wide customization opportunities.


Principal particulars:

- 4 axes of displacement
- Compact size
- Easy-to-learn
- Big choice of functional nozzles
- Opportunity of installing onto movable basement
- Programmable
- Different control principles
- High automation degree


- Object capture and movement
- laser engraving
- Drawing
- 3D printout
- Manipulations with tools
- Big choice of quick replaceable nozzles.
- High positioning accuracy thanks to qualitative fabrication

Big choice of control principles:

from PC, memory card, via local network, from joystick, from smart phone, by voice control, by gestures, contacting, etc.

13 different ports for connection, embedded memory to store programs, when operation in automatic mode.

Opportunity of making a conveyor line from several robotic manipulators with united program control.



Program interfaceDobot Blocky                                                                                                                                                  

Supplied program includes easy-to-learn visual Dobot Blocky interface in the form of code blocks. The program also supports basic programming languages, including C++, C#, Python and java


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