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Fork Lifter Simulator3D


"FL-TRAINER" forklift simulator is intended to train in driving of diesel and electric fork lifters with load up to six tons.

"FL-TRAINER" simulator enables exercising complicated maneuvers connected to professional operation of fork lifter and considering emergency situations without real risk for trainees.

- significant practice time increase within training
- introduction of new conditions into real-time exercise
- time savings on initial training and results evaluation
- review and reproduction of risky situation in safe conditions
- decreasing the expenses and real equipment wear
- real controls and max. plausible simulation of equipment behavior

Simulator software includes wide selection of preset exercises with difficulty level gradation.

- familiarisation with real controls of fork lifter
- training in driving on forward and back run, on even surface, inside and outside surface, on inclined ramp
- familiarisation with capsizing situation
- familiarisation with fork lifter work methods
- training in parking
- training in safety measures, when driving fork lifters (height regulation, audible signals, breaking systems)
- trainingin loading and unloading (simple, stack, on different type of supports)
- training in carriage of large-scale and dangerous cargoes
- training in operation in populous area