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Virtual welder simulator


WAVE NG simulator is a tool to improve and speed up training process on early stage of welder's training program.

The system enables decreasing expenses for welding materials and is oriented to get basic manual skills.

It also provides tutor with a tool to observe and evaluate students actions.


Technologies of virtual and added reality applicable in simulator enable student's better understanding and controlling his movements and body positioning and doing this faster with lesser expenses.

In addition, the system architecture is easily integrated in existing training process without necessity of changing its organization with training quality and pedagogic communication improvement.
The system has the following particulars:
- user's registration
- welding process selection
- workpiece selection (edge and plane, tube or plate)
- position selection (horizontal, vertical, ceiling,...)
- phased training (by complication level and individual parameters setting)
- exercises creation
- аexercise results analysis
- contextual help




SOLDAMATIC is virtual welder simulator; it is created using revolutionary '3D AUGMENTED REALITY" technology.

This technology enables implementing virtual reality elements into usual reality.

In this case, virtual elements are welding metallic product, welding arc, sparkles and metal spatter.

In this case, real-size welding mask and burners created on the basis of real  patterns, as well as the unit with typical control panel and connectors are used.

Small dimensions of package enable easily unit movement to different premises.

Control panel has an output for communication to Internet that enables remote software updating, equipment diagnosing and online technical support rendering.

Low operational costs and simplicity in operation enable simulator using both in educational institutions for specialists training and in industrial production for welders testing.


3 types of welding:


5 types of workpieces: