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Training laboratory: Heat supply system Heat Supply

Laboratory is intended for demonstration of basic production process of heat power generation, its distribution, metering and consumption, as well as automation and control of these processes.

The bench is an affective aid enabling demonstration of the opportunities of modern engineering energy-saving equipment and acquisition of practical skills of operation thereon.

Bench structure imitates technological process of water boiler plant, heat point and internal heat supply systems operation in the form of reals heat supply system that enables preparation of maintenance (locksmiths, technicians and engineers), installation and repair staff for heat supply systems.

Bench uses effective process solutions and advanced energy-saving equipment.

Software enables collecting and processing process parameters, visually displaying bench operation, selecting the information to ensure visibility of simulated processes:

ambient temperature, working pressure, water temperature in the system, etc.

By changing the mode of bench operation, system indicators changes can be controlled visually.