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SimSpray is virtual painting simulator with presence effects.

Is developed to expand traditional training methods and facilitate training in fundamentals of spray painting and grouting.

SimSpray using decreases training time and expenses, thus being a profitable acquisition for educational organization.



• Realistic 3D - stereo environment;

• Training in equipment adjustment;

• Different types of workpieces;

• Visual displaying of defects, such as:

     - dry substance spraying

     - alutaceous surface

     - drops

• Opportunities of grouting, painting and applying of transparent layer

• Tactile response

Required space for operation:
length 2.5 meters хwidth 2,5 meters хheight 2,5 meters
Min. space for physical components and practical conducting
length 3 meters хwidth 3 meters хheight 3 meters
Min. space for physical components and practical conducting

Painting process selection

Student selects painting process, which he wants to use, on sensor screen








Workpiece selection
On this phase, student selects workpiece painting. This workpiece will appear in the form of 3D model in virtual reality.






Color selection
Palette appears on screen. Student selects color for workpiece painting.







Environment selection
On this phase, the student selects work environment, in which he appears to be, when he takes virtual reality helmet on.
Virtual environment versions are:
- painting chamber
- painting workshop
- slowly moving conveyot line



Project parameters
Using sensor screen, the student installs air pressure, tip size and cup configuration (gravity force, siphon trap, pressure tank). If parameters are entered incorrectly, the system will not enable student to continue.






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