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Virtual welding simulator is designed for training in augmented reality with usage of real welding instruments. Low operating costs and usability allow to use simulator for specialists education at schools as well as for welders testing at commercial production.


- 3D mask for augmented reality imitation
- MIG/MAG, MMA (consumable electrode), TIG torchs
- welding visual effects
- low operating costs
- 6 types of welding joints
- updating through the Internet
- educational and testing programs
- self-diagnostics
- portability
- online technical support






New glassless AR mask



New Classroom Training System

As many SOLDAMATICS as needed working together, network connected through the SOLDAMATIC SERVER even with the teacher computer. This system let you start several welding courses at the same time in different SOLDAMATIC’s classrooms, and set out just one real workshop that can be used by all the students of the different courses when they are skilled enough, introducing a new student in the Soldamatic classroom even if the course have started. Without investing in real equipment, consumables and facilities you can train much more welders in the same time!


Specific Soldamatic Teacher Software

That allows the teacher to connect from anywhere with the SOLDAMATIC CLASSROOM SYSTEM and design, manage and monitor the welding courses, students, exercises, the ory, etc. A great help tool for the teacher which gives him absolute control and make his job easier and more efficient.

Remote Maintenance and Updates In Real Time Worldwide
When connecting your SOLDAMATIC to internet, it will search for any upgrade available and will install it automatically through our SOLDAMATIC SERVICE CENTER. Applicable to maintenance and support, system improvement upgrades (for free) and even new features such as new base materials, gases, etc.
New work stand
New consumable electrode video

New analysis mode




Soldamatic agreement


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